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Marvels of Cork
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Marvels of Cork

Not known to many, Cork is a versatile and multifaceted material which has a story of its own.

Let us all learn and understand about the environmental and eco-friendly product known as, ‘CORK’. This material has always been around us for years, it was the quest among people to connect with nature in better ways that has helped them to rediscover cork. Harvesting cork from cork oak tree has always been positive towards environment and the planet because it is obtained from Cork Oak tree in a very systematic and professional way. Harvesting cork is a detailed skill which is passed down from one generation to next. In this process, the health of the tree is examined to ensure the quality of cork. After the inspection, outer layer is removed and used as the raw material for any cork product. The tree is not harmed and is kept un-disturbed for few years till the time outer layer grows back. This renewable material can again be used after few years. Hence, during the harvest trees aren’t cut down and nature is preserved without any damage. It is when the bark re-grows after years the tree inhales huge amount of carbon dioxide, therefore, becoming biggest and fantastic carbon sink. Cork Oak forests are also home to many endangered wildlife, and hence creates a balance in the ecosystem.

Cork from Cork Oak Tree


In past many decades, Cork has always been known to people as wine-stoppers, but was often missed on for its magnificent qualities. Some of its qualities are:

  • Sustainable
  • Natural
  • Renewable material
  • Waterproof
  • Buoyant
  • Elastic
  • Fire Resistant

The carbon footprint of the whole process is subsequently low in comparison to the plastic production.

Now-a-days, versatile variety of products are made out of cork, such as yoga mats, yoga blocks, hand-bags, wallets, trays, coasters, cork furniture, footwear, cork planter, home décor and so on. Cork is a significant alternative which can reduce our reliance on petrochemical-based rubbers and plastics. Additionally, Cork is a material that is easy to recycle.

MaSu Chandra Cork Yoga Block

Today, when the environmental situation is scathing, switch towards more sustainable and environment-friendly product becomes inevitable. This is possible only once we learn and understand the environment and the greener options available to us. We as a community need to be conscious of the products that we consume and the kind of impact it has on Earth. We are living in a time when each individual has power to choose. And this choice will decide the kind of future that we want to build. Next time you pull out the wallet to purchase something, be mindful and make a movement for Earth’s future.

Supporting Cork is Supporting Nature


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