Meet Our Founder

Shikha Singla  

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Calcutta, India, Shikha’s journey is a testament to her passion for innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. With a rich academic background and over a decade of experience in brand strategy roles with esteemed multinational corporations, a deep-rooted desire to create something meaningful and sustainable led her on a new path. 

After completing her MBA in Marketing from IBS Hyderabad and earning her PhD in management, Shikha's entrepreneurial spirit, fueled by her Marwari instincts, urged her to embark on a new adventure. Thus, MASU was born. 

In addition to her upbringing, Shikha finds inspiration in her role as a mother to her beloved baby boy. Parenthood has deepened her understanding of the special bond between a mother and child, driving her to craft products that enhance this connection. That's why every MASU product tells a unique story of love and care, creating a cocoon of comfort for both parents and kids. Proudly made in India, each product boasts vibrant prints that are not only millennial but also deeply rooted in our rich traditions, celebrating the cultural tapestry of our heritage. 

Shikha is married to her MBA sweetheart, Abheek Gupta. Together, they reside in Lucknow, India, where they are building MASU from the ground up, with a vision to take it to the world. 

MASU isn't just a brand; it's a manifestation of Shikha's unwavering commitment to crafting thoughtfully curated products for parents and their little ones, which continues to evolve and grow alongside her beloved baby boy. 

 “Building MASU probably has been the most enriching and joyful time of my life. You know how people say love what you do and you’ll never regret getting ready for work? Well, that’s what everyday for me is. With your love and support I will relentlessly continue to build MASU as a conscious E-commerce brand for the new Bharat. Let us be a small part of your parenthood journey through our products, that will speak straight to your heart.” –  

With heartfelt gratitude- Shikha Singla , Founder, MASU.